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  • SAVE WITH DIGITAL AND RENTAL:  We have lots of fantastic Rental and Digital course books to save you money. 

  • CENGAGE UNLIMITED is now available and includes the entire Cengage digital library for $119 a semester or $179 a year.

  • DAY-ONE ACCESS: Starting in Fall 2018 for CIS 110 and MAT 152 GTCC will offer Day-One Access in Moodle. Everyone enrolled will receive free access for 10 days to the digital course materials.  During that time, just stop by your campus store or order online to purchase continued access.  The digital materials are provided at the lowest price available nationwide and once purchased, your enrollment continues in Moodle.  You can also purchase a low cost optional paper loose leaf versions at your campus stores.  

  • BOOK BUYACK:  Available at Jamestown Campus store everyday.  Free shipping.  

  • FALL FINANCIAL AID DATES:  August 6th to August 24th.  All grants, loans, scholarships and fin. aid awards can be used as payment in all stores and online using your Student ID.. and another acceptable ID. 

  • ONLINE ORDERING:  From 8/6 to 8/24 Online Ordering is very busy and usually ships in 3-5 business days(not the normal 2 days).  If you need course materials more immediatly during this period it is always best to stop by the campus store where your course are offered(Jamestown for most online)   FedEx Ground shipping is always available for only $5 on all orders.  

 Orders from this site get $5 FedEX Ground shipping. All purchases are deducted from your student account financial aid award or credit card.  All stores accept Fin. Aid using your Student I.D. and another accepted I.D.. Please allow 2 to 4 business days for shipping. Order materials by campus and course code.  Most ONLINE courses are under Jamestown. All sections use the same course materials, so if your section is not listed, simply select another.  Thank you for shopping your GTCC Campus Stores!