Titan Printing

Printing funds can now be added to your email user account for current curriculum students.  You can now add ANY amount up to $25 to your account.  Printing funds are not refundable, so be sure to add only an amount that you would utilize for printing through the semester.  For example, $1, $5 or $10.  You can print in any Lab or Library at a GTCC campus.  Stop by your campus store to add funds.   Print cards will be available only for continuing education students (who don’t have email access) and for members of the community visiting a GTCC campus.



  • For users with a GTCC Email Address/Titan Username: Funds have been credited to your user account as Printer Funds. These funds are available only for the printing system on each campus.  We have added the amount requested to your account.

To Print: 

·         When you want to print from a Lab Computer (like at the LRC), place the first part of your email address in the pop up box; so for jlsmith2@gtcc.edu, you enter just jlsmith2 in the “GTCC Username” that pops up. 

·         You will then NAME your print job, like “Research paper draft-1”

At the Print Station or Xerox Machine in the Lab:

·         Input the same “GTCC Username,” for example jlsmith2, along with your account password, to print the job. 


Money is debited from your account once the job prints.  You can add funds at your campus store as needed with your Student ID card.  You can also check your remaining balance at the print station or log into myprint.gtcc.edu.   Print Cards are still available for Continuing Education and Basic Skills students, just ask any Cashier at the stores.                                                                         


Rev:  02-08-18