Using eBook

Using eBook

Congratulations! Your course is part of GTCC’s DayONE Access program an Inclusive Access program, which means your students will have access to their digital course materials on the first day of class. The materials that you have adopted will be made available via your Canvas course shell.  In order for the materials to be delivered in Canvas you will need to place a link called VitalSource Tool onto your Canvas page. (VitalSource is our provider of digital course materials) You have to place the VitalSource Tool for students to be able to access course materials from our Canvas page so start this process early in order to have your Canvas page set up for the first day of class.

How our DayONE access program works:

GTCC’s DayONE access program is an OPT IN model.  This means that although students will have access to materials the first day of class they still need to OPT IN to the program by purchasing the DayONE access at the campus store either in person or online.  When they purchase the access for their course they are put on a list of students that have OPTed IN and they will keep access after the OPT IN deadline.  The deadline date is usually 8-10 days from the first day of classes.  If they do not purchase access then they will lose access to the materials after the OPT IN deadline.  If they miss the deadline no worries we can have their access re-established once they have purchased the access.  This reconnection of access can take up to 48 business hours.

Watch this video on how to add the VitalSource tool to Canvas

Written instructions on how to add the VitalSource tool to Canvas:

Adding Links to Courses

Adding Links to Course Modules

You can add a link to a course module if you installed the external LTI app with Manual Entry or with Paste XML.

1.    When in a Course, click the Modules link in the Course Navigation.

2.    In the Module where you’d like to add the link, click the + button.

3.    In the Add [Item Type] To: drop-down menu, select the External Tool option.

4.    Find the VitalSource external tool and review the following:

1.    URL - This will pre-populate based on how the LTI External App was configured. 

2.    Page Name - This will pre-populate based on the name of the LTI External App but can be edited.

3.    Load in a new tab - We recommend this box is checked, but it is not required to load the VitalSource app in a new tab.

4.    At this point you can edit the name of the link, we would suggest doing this as most students do not associate VitalSource with their course materials, use something simple and to the point, like “Course Materials here”, or the name of the product “eBook of Contemporary Logistics”, “Click here for eBook”. Ideally all links would be named the same for all sections of a course.

5.    Click Add Item.

**If you run into trouble placing this link in Canvas contact Matt Apple in eLearning,

Once the link is on your page you MUST click it.  When you first click the VitalSource tool, you will see a message that says “There are no course materials for your class.”  It may take up to two hours for the sync to occur, and then you will see the course materials.

If your course materials are not available after a few hours please contact Amber x50373, Terraic x50573 or Erin x50410 at the campus store.