Using WW Norton Courseware

VitalSource has completed an auto upload of the DayONE Access Module and link. 

If you copied a previous semesters Canvas page over to your new semester and your previous course had the DayONE Access Module and link already on it then this will copy over to your new Canvas page.  You will find that you have both the copied Module and link from your previous page and the auto uploaded one from VitalSource, delete one.

Please make sure to move the DayONE Access Module to the top of the Modules page so that students can easily find their course materials. (if you add modules it will push the DayONE Module down please go back and move it to the top again) 

If this is your first time your course is in the DayONE Access program, you will only have the DayONE Access module and link auto uploaded by VitalSource.

This new link will be found under Modules.  The module is named: DayONE Access (eTextbook and Courseware) The DayONE Access link is where students will do go opt out of the program. Please do not change the name of this Module

Add a new tab to the DayONE Access module that has the link to your ebook, name it “eBook for Title of the book”

Add another new tab to the DayONE Access module that includes the instructions below. (Name this tab something like: “How to find your eText and Inquizitive Assignments” or “Instructions for locating course materials”)

If you have already set up your course or someone else set it up for you, please just check it out to make sure these things have been done and that you are familiar with how students will access their course materials in canvas for our DayONE access program.   There is important information below that we ask that you include in your syllabus to help students find course materials.

If you have not set up your course in Canvas or have not paired your course with your Norton Course materials, please look over how to do this below.  

For help installing your Norton courseware links for your DayONE access course contact: 

Kristin McDonald at or Rebekah Gay at

****If you could add these simple instructions to your syllabus and to the DayONE Access Module to direct student to the course materials.  This helps students understand where to find your materials and the how to Opt-Out if desired.  

How to locate your eTextbook/courseware in Canvas for a DayONE Access course: 

1. Sign into Canvas and enter your Canvas course.

2. You can expect to find Norton Activity links under Assignments, or in a Module

3. Click on Modules from the left navigation bar.

4. Click on any InQuizitive assignment.

5. Or Click on the eBook link, in the DayONE Access Module or in the Syllabus and Course Materials Module to access the ebook. If you do not find it here ask your instructor where it is.

6. Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, then click Continue. 

7. Read the Note to Students, then click Continue.

8. Begin reading and working! You now have access to ALL of your required course materials. 

9. Remember: always access your Norton content from your Canvas course to continue enjoying codeless access and grade syncing.

For more details and screen shots go to:

Opting Out

Please be advised it is NOT recommended that you Opt-Out, as these materials are required by your professor to complete the course and the fee charged is the at a very low market price, but to do so:

1. Go to the Module names DayONE Access (eTextbook and Courseware) 

2. Click on the link DayONE Access (eTextbook and Courseware).

3. Click on: Load DayONE in a new window.

4. Click the ‘Want to opt-out?’ button. 

5. Select your reason why and click Opt Out.

If you Opt Out, you will be responsible for purchasing these materials on your own. A refund of your book/courseware fee will be put back on your student account for you to receive your refund in 4-6 weeks. You will lose access to your courseware on the 8th day (6th day of class in Summer) of class.

You can opt back in at any time before the 8th day of class (6th day of class in Summer); the option to opt in will not be available after the 8th day (6th day in Summer) of class.

If you have OPTed OUT and it is after the deadline when you click on your instructor’s links for InQuizitive or a reading assignment you will see a screen where you can choose to purchase or enter a code. Once you do either of these you will access the course links from an InQuizitive assignment or reading assignment the same as before you opted out. 

For more information about opting out and refunds go to our DayONE FAQ’s at: