Using WW Norton Courseware

Using WW Norton Courseware

Congratulations! Your course is part of GTCC’s DayONE Access program an Inclusive Access program, which means your students will have access to their digital course materials on the first day of class. The WW Norton materials that you have adopted will be made available via your Canvas course shell.  In order for the materials to be delivered in Canvas you will need to do some set up with your Norton Digital Rep.

How our DayONE access program works:

GTCC’s DayONE access program is an OPT IN model.  This means that although students will have access to materials the first day of class they still need to OPT IN to the program by purchasing the DayONE access at the campus store either in person or online.  When they purchase the access for their course they are put on a list of students that have OPTed IN and they will keep access after the OPT IN deadline. This deadline is usually 8-10 days from the first day of class.  If they do not purchase access then they will lose access to the materials after the OPT IN deadline.  If they miss the deadline no worries we can have their access re-established once they have purchased the access.  This reconnection of access can take up to 48 business hours.

If you are using Norton Courseware for your DayONE access class the Norton Digital Rep will contact you directly to assist in setting up your Canvas page. The Campus Store will have sent your information to the Norton Rep. 

If you have not been contacted by Norton by 7 days from the start of your class please let either Andrew Statum at Norton, or the Campus Store staff know:

Main Number




Campus Store

Textbook Staff


Amber Currin


Shawn Dee


Erin Stearns


Terraic Williams