Where Do I Buy My Books?

Which store has my books? Your schedule will show you where your class is being held. Purchase your books, for that class, at that campus store.

If I am taking an online class, which store has my books? For the following courses, the store listed will be the only store that has your books:

Greensboro Campus – AHR, ARC, ATR, CAR, CEG, CIV, CMT, DFT (110 is at Jamestown), ECG, ELC, ELN, HOR, HYD, ISC, LEX, LSG, MEC, MNT, PLU, SRV, TRF

High Point Campus – DRA (110 is at Jamestown), ENT, GRO, HSE, MUS, PHM, SAB, SGD

For all other courses, the books will be at our Jamestown campus store. If another campus offers an in-person class, they will have the textbook, e-book, or supplies for your online class.

If your campus store does not have what you need, please contact the Jamestown campus store here.